College Football Picks- Week 14

It is hard to believe that we have arrived at the final weekend of the regular season. Even though less than 1/4 of all FBS teams will be in action, I’m sure that we are in store for some very exciting games! However, before we get into College Football Picks- Week 14, I would like to mention a few things from Week #13.

If you read College Football Recap- Week 13, then you already know that I was unable to write any posts over Thanksgiving. Therefore, I did not get to make my picks for Week #13, which was disappointing for several reasons.

Coming into the week, I was “on fire”- going (8-2), (8-2), and (7-3) the previous 3 weeks. So just to “tie-up” loose ends, I will go ahead and list the 10 games that I would have selected for Week #13.

Week #13 (Games that would have been selected) 

1. Mississippi State at Ole Miss
2. Oklahoma at West Virginia
3. Washington at Washington State
4. Arizona State at Arizona
5. Utah State at Boise State
6. LSU at Texas A&M
7. Notre Dame at USC
8. BYU at Utah
9. Auburn at Alabama
10. South Carolina at Clemson

Out of these 10 games, I felt very confident picking the “winners” in 5 of them. I would have definitely picked: Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Utah, Alabama, and Clemson. Each of these teams did end-up winning, so “at worst” I would have finished (5-5).

I honestly can’t say which teams I would have selected as “winners” for the other 5 games. It would have been a very difficult decision. However, I would like to think that I could’ve gotten at least 2 out of 5 correct…which would have given me another (7-3) finish!

Anyways, enough about last week. Let’s talk about the present! There are a total of 16 games being played this weekend (2 on Friday night and the rest on Saturday). Ten of these contests will be conference championship games.

I am really hoping that college football will provide us with a spectacular and exciting finish! Will there be suspense and drama? Will there be fantastic finishes and upsets? Who will make the college football playoffs? I can’t wait to find out!

For College Football Picks- Week 14, let’s first look at a couple “non-Championship” games.

1. Marshall (8-3) at Virginia Tech (5-6) 
Virginia Tech will be desperately trying to earn their 6th win in order to become “Bowl Eligible”. Marshall will be looking for their 9th win to cap-off a very nice season. I have not seen the Thundering Herd play this year, but they have some very good wins on their schedule. The Hokies have been very disappointing, and when it comes down to it, I just don’t trust them.
Winner: Marshall, 27-24 

2. Stanford (7-4) at CAL (7-4) 
Stanford was hoping for bigger and better things this year, but things did not go as planned. This will most likely be a close game throughout and probably low-scoring. In the end, I will give the advantage to the Cardinal because they have a much more efficient offense. Stanford should be able to score just enough points to come away with the victory.
Winner: Stanford, 27-23 

Conference USA Championship 
3. UAB (9-3) at Middle Tennessee State (8-4) 
Ironically, these two teams just played each other last week in the regular season finale. Middle Tennessee won the game, 27-3. It is always difficult to beat an opponent twice in one season, especially when you play in consecutive weeks. But considering the Blue Raiders won by 24 points, and considering they are playing at home, I imagine that they are feeling very confident.
Winner: Middle Tennessee State, 23-16 

Mountain West Championship 
4. Fresno State (10-2) at Boise State (10-2) 
These two teams have also recently played each other. On November 9th, the Bulldogs traveled to Boise and came away with a 24-17 loss. I watched most of this game, and Fresno State was actually winning 17-3 in the 3rd quarter. The Broncos rallied with three touchdowns (2 in the 4th quarter) to finish off the comeback. I’m sure that this will be another close, competitive game, but this time around I don’t think that the Bulldogs will let a lead slip away!
Winner: Fresno State, 27-20 

AAC Championship 
5. Memphis (8-4) at UCF (11-0) 
UCF has the nation’s longest winning streak at 24 in a row! Three of those victories have come at the expense of Memphis. Of course the big story line is that UCF’s starting quarterback, McKenzie Milton, will not be playing because of a serious knee injury that he suffered last week against USF. So all the pressure will be placed upon the shoulders of back-up quarterback, Darriel Mack Jr. The Tigers nearly beat UCF in last year’s conference championship game, and they lost a heart-breaker earlier this season 31-30. I have a feeling that Memphis will finally end the “win streak”!
Winner: Memphis, 34-27 

Pac-12 Championship 
6. Utah (9-3) vs. Washington (9-3) 
These teams are similar in many ways, and they both like to play tough, physical football. Utah has had to play without their starting quarterback and running back down the stretch due to injury. Therefore, I definitely give the edge to the Huskies. Also, Washington is 2 field goals away from being an (11-1) team. The Utes will play hard and keep it close, but they won’t be able to produce enough offense.
Winner: Washington, 23-13 

Big 12 Championship 
7. Texas (9-3) vs. Oklahoma (11-1) 
Oklahoma’s only loss of the season came at the expense of Texas on a last second field goal. The Sooners will not only being looking for revenge on Saturday, but they will also be looking to earn a spot in the college football playoffs. I can only assume that this will be another close, high-scoring game (as most Big 12 games are). It will not surprise me if the Longhorns win, but I am going to go with Oklahoma in the rematch.
Winner: Oklahoma, 42-38 

Big 10 Championship 
8. Northwestern (8-4) vs. “TTFDB” (11-1) 
In sports, as well as life in general, you never want to utter the words “Always” or “Never”. So I’m not going to say that there is “No possible way” that Northwestern can win this game. But it is very, very close to “No possible way”! The Wildcat defense is deceptively good, and the entire team has had a knack for finding ways to win games. However, the “TTFDB” offense is far to explosive for Northwestern to keep pace for 4 quarters. Eventually, that defense is going to get worn-out!
Winner: “TTFDB”, 38-21

ACC Championship 
9. Clemson (12-0) vs. Pitt (7-5) 
Whatever chance that you want to give to Northwestern to defeat “TTFDB”, Pitt has less!!! The fact that a (7-5) Pitt team is playing in the conference championship game is a testament to just how bad the ACC has been this year. If the Panthers were able to pull-out a win, it would probably go down as one of the biggest upsets in college football history. I am expecting Clemson to “Roll”!
Winner: Clemson, 49-17 

SEC Championship 
10. Alabama (12-0) vs. Georgia (11-1) 
The game we’ve all been waiting for…a rematch of last year’s national championship! If there is one team that could possibly take down the Crimson Tide, it would be Georgia. The game will be very exciting, very hard-hitting, and very competitive. But Alabama will do what Alabama always does, and that’s “Win”. The Crimson Tide will find ways to make plays on offense, defense, and special teams; and they will eventually “wear-down” the Bulldogs.
Winner: Alabama, 34-20